Time Is Running Out!!

Come Work with my Michelle and Team to Take Your Power Back!!

Michelle and Her Team Want YOU to Take Back Your Power In 2019
It's Time to Find Your Fire and Come Back to Life

No More Excuses. No More Wasting Time. 
No More Stopping! It's Your Time!
You are going to have to start. There is no way around it!!!

You can't expect to get to a new place in your life unless you take some kind of step to begin.

We all know that starting is the very hardest part!


Because we stop ourselves again and again, we become overwhelmed, victims of our own perfectionist personalities, and tied to our old self-defeating narratives. 

It's not just about the workouts and the food, it's about the goals you set, the way you talk to yourself, the community you surround yourself with and the understanding that every step forward is a step in the right direction. We want you to do the work this New Year and we want the work to not only change your body but to also change your life!
Tell Me More....
  •  Workouts programmed specifically for this challenge to help you start and get stronger.
  •  My1FitLife App: All your workouts from your phone. Home, gym or travel, we have you covered!
  • Incredible Coaching: Coach Kristi and Coach Keith PROGRAMMING your workouts for added strength, joint care, fat loss, and mental well-being. 
  •  Answers to your questions via email or on our private Facebook Page! 
  • New menus for detox, plant based eating and transitioning to eating clean for life!
  •  Lessons and tips on balancing the very important Macros: the ratio of carbs, fats and protein.
  • A week of prep instruction, recipes and how to make eating clean easier NOW and moving forward.
  •  A sugar challenge focused on the highly addictive and defeating attachment to refined sugar
  •  Answers to your questions with nutrition coach Lorrie on our private Facebook Page! 
  • Weekly Meditations
  •  Weekly Mindset Homework From Coach Michelle to keep you moving forward
  •  Journal Prompts from Coach Tami to help you dig deeper
  •  Positive affirmations for real change
  •  Goal Setting 
  •  Weekly live Q & A sessions to answer your questions and keep you on track. 
What Else Does This Awesome 
Challenge Include???
  •  Daily Texts: Hear from our coaching team every single morning of the entire challenge for motivation, tips, inspiration, and support!
  •  Daily Videos: Watch a morning video from a different coach each day. 
  •  My1FitLife App - Get your workouts right on your phone, anytime, anywhere.
  •  Full Week Sample Menus with images and recipes - Let us show you how easy it can be!
  •  Private Facebook Community - We always have the very best community full of support, accountability and fun!
  • Live Coach Chats Weekly - Join our weekly Facebook lives to ask your coaches questions and hear their inspiring tips and tricks. 
Our Team Has Literally Trained Thousands of People to Unbelievable Success!!!

And You are Next!!
Start Your 2019 off with Coaches Michelle, Keith, Lorrie, Kristi and Tami. Your own training team for less than the cost of two gym sessions with just one trainer!! 

Our team has you covered from all aspects...fitness, nutrition, mindset, goal setting and more for less than the price of a latte a day!
Our Amazing Coaching Team!!
Coach Michelle 
Fitness & Mindset
  •  Founder of One Fit Widow,  Co-Founder My1FitLife & Live the List Nonprofit
  •  Featured in Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Huffington Post, Woman's Day and many more
  •  Contributor for Prevention Magazine, HuffPost, Consumer's Health Digest and several other publications
  •  Best Selling Book - Healthy Healing 
  •  IFPA Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritional Specialist 
  •  IFPA Certified Physical Fitness & Wellness Specialist 
  • IFPA Certifed Weight Loss Specialist 
Coach Keith
Fitness & Mindset
  •  Co-Founder My1FitLife & Live the List Nonprofit
  •  Contributor for Prevention Magazine, Consumer's Health Digest
  •  BS - Exercise Science & Sports Medicine
  •  IFPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Keith has written for numerous professional sources and is an avid Spartan racer and athlete.
  •  Over 20 Plus years of Fitness Experience 
Coach Lorrie  
  •  C.N.C.  Certified Nutritional Consultant
  •  Worked with thousands to help create sustainable and life-long changes
  •  8 Plus years of Professional Nutritional Experience  
Coach Kristi
  •  BS- Health Promotion, University of St. Thomas
  •  Certified Personal Trainer 
  •  14 Plus years of Personal Training Experience
Coach Tami Mindset
  •  Double Masters in Community and Rehabilitation Counseling. 
  •  Educational Emphasis on eating disorders
  •  Certified Personal Trainer
  •  18 Plus year of Training Experience 
My1FitLife Holiday 30-Day Healthy living Challenge!!!!
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