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For ONLY $19.99/month you will receive Coach inspiration, Weekly workouts with video examples of proper form,
Private Facebook page for accountability & support,
Audio questions to the My1FitLIfe coaches,
Periodic webinars,
Discount on events,
(This payment will automatically renew each month unless you cancel your payment)
HURRY! Life is Short....It's Time to Start Living Healthy For YOU!
What will you receive with your membership?
Weekly Workouts
Receive Access to Weekly Workouts from certified and experienced coaches. Each week you will be able to log in and access a 5DAY Workout, HIIT Workout, & Accelerated Workout so you don't have to worry about what to do...Just Do It! Membership has its privileges!!
Community Support and Motivation
You will have access to our private Facebook page to receive daily motivation and support form our Amazing Community. Our community is second to none and will help you reach your goals no matter what they are....running a 5k, losing fat, or just living healthier. Membership has its privileges!!
Coaches Support 
Receive information and support from experienced Coaches in exercise, nutrition, mediation, mental strength, mobility, and stretching. Our coaches want you to succeed and live your best life, that is why we love what we do! Ask questions on our Coach's Q/A to get the best advice! Membership has its privileges!!
Challenge and Adventure Discounts
Receive a discount on future challenges, adventures, and so much more! By being a Quest Member you will receive discounts and see the challenges FIRST, the adventures FIRST, and everything else FIRST! We will post Discount Codes on the Quest Private FB page FIRST! Quest Members will have first see our upcoming My1FitLife Adventures and have the opportunity to sign up first, for some of our smaller trips this is key to getting the trip you want! Membership has its privileges!!
What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying...


"Those are the words I’ve lived by for the past several years on my journey. After trying every diet on the market, even the cabbage soup diet, being mentally and physically defeated, I decided it was time for a change. My1FitLife was different, this community was different, the atmosphere was different. I have learned so much regarding food, fitness and about myself that I'm still holding off 35 pounds and 40 inches after 4 years apart of this community. I’ve attended adventure weekends where I proved to myself- I CAN. I’ve climbed mountains, hiked more miles then I thought imaginable, all while building lifelong relationships with other members, I consider family. I am now a fit grandma to my granddaughter and a mentally and physically healthy for my one fit life thanks to Keith, Michelle, Lorrie and all the amazing support from this amazing group." 


"Six years ago my Husband, Daughter & I were in a car accident that tragically claimed his life. Our Daughter and I were both critically injured as well. Healing is ongoing for our entire family, including our other Daughter. Distraught, I began following "One Fit Widow" on Facebook. She too, had suffered a loss and was a young Widow at the time. I'd found a community that "got me". I loved how she focused on healing, fitness and love, not loss.
In Oct 2014 I took a leap of faith and attended my first Adventure Weekend in Lake Tahoe. Prior to the trip, I connected with several women through the private Lake Tahoe Facebook Page. Upon my arrival I immediately found these virtual friends as well as many more. That was the beginning of a very good thing for me. I have since been on two other trips and will be attending my fourth in Sedona next Feb. In Jan 2016 I signed up for the very first 12 Week Challenge, where once again, I made many new virtual friends as well as others I'd met at past trips. When that Challenge was over I joined the Quest Community. It has opened yet another door to camaraderie, accountability, fitness, nutrition & some laughs too. It has helped me connect with people all across the USA and a few in Europe! I'm feeling much better emotionally and stronger physically. I'm doing things I never thought I would do. I'm living my life to honor my Late Husband and finding myself again. A huge thank you to Michelle, Keith & all of the Coaches. I love you all "


"Excuses. I was full of them. Until I was 33 years old, I could eat whatever I wanted and didn't have to exercise much and maintained a "healthy" weight. But I wasn't healthy, I was "skinny fat". Then my metabolism started to change and my lifestyle caused sluggishness and weight gain. 
October, 2012, I cleaned out my closet and gave away the clothes that would "someday fit" again. Who was I kidding? How were these clothes going to fit when it seemed nothing worked? The methods I tried weren't working because I was looking for a quick fix. I made excuses...I was too busy, I blamed my genetics, I didn't have time for myself. At a gathering where I met many people to whom I'm biologically related I had an epiphany. I was approaching my 48th birthday and as I aged, I knew it would only become more difficult. I joined Weight Watchers and liked the accountability but the approach to food didn't suit me. A couple of months later I noticed that a friend was "liking" a lot of posts on the One Fit Widow page. Michelle's words and her approach to weight loss spoke to me and I went in, full speed. I eliminated refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods. The pounds came off gradually but noticeably. While losing weight was my initial motivation, I soon realized how much life I had been missing. During the summer of 2012, my youngest son took me out for a simple hike. I was winded and tired after only half a mile. In August, 2013, he and I hiked the Twin Sisters in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is a strenuous, 7 mile (roundtrip) hike, gaining nearly 2,500 ft in elevation. Since then I've hiked high peaks and the Manitou Incline in Colorado; Alamere Falls, Muir Woods, and the Mist Trail at Yosemite; and Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. I've taken up paddle boarding and I've been rock climbing using ropes and pitons. I'm loving living at age 52. I've lost weight but have gained so much more. Friendships, fitness, and a deep appreciation of life. Oh, and those clothes I gave I would still be doing the same because they would be too big! No excuses, no regrets."